Adam Kwasman

Compact for America: He Went Where No Man Had Gone Before


This blog post originally appeared on the Compact for America website:

In 2013, former state legislator Adam Kwasman of Arizona went where no man had gone before.

He was the first sponsor of the first iteration of the Compact for a Balanced Budget - then called the "Compact for America."

In this podcast, Kwasman explains why he took that first step - and why he's grateful so many others are following in his footsteps.

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Arizona Governor Signs Nation’s Most Significant Pro-Life Bill of 2017


In what is being hailed as “one of the most pro-life pieces of legislation in the United States,” Arizona’s rock star, conservative governor, Doug Ducey recently signed SB1367 into law, protecting babies who are born alive and requiring healthcare professionals to act in order to save the life of the baby.      

Another important milestone in this bill is its first-in-the-nation definition of what it means to be “delivered-alive.” By not placing age limits on a baby when it is born-alive, this definition correctly assigns personhood to babies at any age. It is a definitional flag-planting from Arizona, making it clear that the state will fight to protect life at any age.

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Trump and the Battle of Ideas


This weekend the LA Times released its first and second pieces in a four-part assault on President Donald Trump. Entitled, “Our Dishonest President,” the editorial board has (potentially unintentionally) placed its finger on the pulse of the Left’s long-run strategy to win the battle of ideas in 21st century American politics. The strategy: Associate conservative policy with Trumpism, thereby conflating the two and poisoning the well for future conservatives at every level of politics.

In its opening paragraph, the Times uses hyperbolic words like “unprepared” and “unsuited,” calling his presidency a “trainwreck.” For the Times (and the Left) however, this trainwreck is far different from the conservative perspective of failing to keep conservative promises from the campaign trail. Rather, the Times purposefully conflates the President’s unpredictability with rather standard conservative policy prescriptions.

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The Article V Movement Picks Up Steam


In the wake of the RyanCare debacle, it has become blatantly obvious that draining the Washington swamp will likely never come from the White House nor the Capitol. To that end, states have taken it upon themselves to solve the largest issues facing our nation. This week, the Arizona and North Dakota legislatures became the ninth and tenth states in the union to pass the Convention of States, utilizing the Constitution’s Article V authority for states to call an amendment convention to pass major reforms in the structure and function of our government. Arizona also passed the Compact for America, joining other member states through an interstate compact to call for an Article V convention for a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. 

Both of these bills are gaining nation-wide momentum, and it’s putting DC on notice. From the Koch brothers, to Mark Levin, to the Cato Institute’s Ilya Shapiro, to former Sen. Tom Coburn, the potential for monumental constitutionally conservative change is finally on the horizon.

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Arizona Rising

Arizona-1144x423.jpgOne hundred and five years ago today, Arizona entered the Union as the 48th state. Fast-forward just over a century, and this Valentine’s Day baby has truly come into its own. Move over, Texas, here comes the Copper State!

Arizona’s title as one of our most successful conservative states comes by way of bold leadership, an eye for modernization and a deep-seeded love for western rugged-individualism that would make Barry Goldwater smile from the Great Beyond.

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Sunstein Jumps The Crimson Shark

Shark-Jump-1144x858.jpgCass Sunstein, a Harvard law professor and intellectual heavyweight on the left has perfectly encapsulated the cavernous divide between the battle of ideas and the fight for the soul of the American judiciary.

In a recent article, Sunstein claims to accurately represent originalist Constitutional thought and goes so far as to list specific policy provisions he purports to exclaim Originalism can “easily lead to.” The list includes: banning the sale of contraceptives, federal and state racial discrimination, state establishment of religion, and the invalidation of the Endangered Species Act and Clean Water Act.

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Beware the Walking Dead (Economists)


Halloween has been over for nearly three weeks, but something evil is brewing in the bowels of the Capitol and the basements of Trump Tower. Congressmen and Senators are reading incantations. Government contractors are drawing pentagrams in chalk. Their goal: to resurrect the undead zombie of failed economist, John Maynard Keynes! Get ready to run, it’s stimulus season!

George W. Bush called his $168 billion stimulus a package “a booster shot for our economy.” Barack Obama’s $825 billion stimulus included $90 billion for infrastructure and $32 billion to fortify the electricity grid. Now, it’s 2016, and the incoming administration has floated a $1 trillion dollar spending package to “fix our crumbling infrastructure.” The measure is also seen as a bipartisan outstretch of the hand from the Trump White House to Democratic Congressional Leaders. Republicans should beware the economic consequences of the peace when dealing with the Left.


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Donald Trump’s Road To Rushmore


“Thy road, the right, toward Pluto’s dwelling goes, and leads us to Elysium. But the left speeds sinful souls to doom…” –Virgil’s Aeneid

President-elect Donald Trump can wake up every morning with a yuge grin on his face. He happens to be in a position that comes along once in a Super Moon. With substantial majorities in both the House and Senate, Trump can become a legendary president. #MAGA be damned, we should be talking monuments.

The truth is that Trump need only accomplish three simple tasks to become the conservative hero of this generation: (1) Appoint a conservative justice to fill Scalia’s seat, (2) Repeal and replace ObamaCare, and (3) Sign an appropriations bill that funds the construction of a border wall. It really is that simple. After those three basic accomplishments, Trump creates a veritable “legacy floor,” from which he could ostensibly spend the rest of his term playing golf at Mar-A-Lago.

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